The Secrets to Clear Acne-Free Skin

In this exclusive report you will discover the acne killing secrets that are proving to be incredibly effective in curing acne. You may have tried similar acne ‘cures’ that also failed you, such as apple fasting, zinc supplementation, endless cleansing rituals, drinking gallons of water, putting toothpaste on acne, spending lots of money on celebrity-endorsed acne cleanser systems…

This 3 step system treats the root cause of acne. In our search for an acne cure we found out the single factor that was causing the whole acne problem. Want to know what it is?  One word: INFLAMMATION!


Inflammation is basically a condition in the body where the cells and hormones produce a toxic effect in the body. It causes many diseases, and for genetically acne prone people like you and me, it causes acne. You cannot change you genes? (Not in 2011 anyway…) But you can control whether or not YOUR body is in a state of nflammation, or not. To cure your acne you simply create an anti-inflammatory state within your body. And if you act now then you will see acne clearing results within days. I have written a lot about inflammation and acne, and my most important advice to you is to find out as much as you can about it, so that you can effectively cure your own acne. In this report we want to show you 3 simple ways you can start clearing your acne right now by reducing your inflammation to levels your body can cope with, without it responding by giving you acne.

 Step 1: Avoid the acne causing disaster food – vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil causes more hormonal inflammation than any food on the planet.  By simply avoiding vegetable oil many people have seen their chronic acne disappear within days. The bottom-line is this: IF you want clear acne-free skin then you must not consume vegetable oil. I cannot emphasize how important this is in curing acne. Vegetable oil is the main acne causing factor you can change right now – without having to spend any money – so that you can reduce your acne by up to 50%, and in some cases completely cure it. So now you need to know where vegetable oil is, right? Well the main source of vegetable oil in most diets is from vegetable cooking oils such as sunflower oil. Go into your kitchen now and see what cooking oil is used. It’s probably a vegetable oil. Look at the bottle and see the source of up to 50% of your acne right there! Swear at it! Now chuck it in the garbage (if it is owned by you of course!) As well as some cooking oils, some food also contains vegetable oil. It is simple to avoid vegetable oil, as long as you look on the food ingredients list on the food packaging you buy!

When I stopped eating vegetable oil I found an instant 50% improvement in my skin! An example of vegetable oil in food is pasta sauce. There are some that contain vegetable oil, and some that don’t. Get the ones that don’t. Taking vegetable oil out of your diet is probably one of the most nimportant things you can do to clear your acne. Nothing else causes worse breakouts. Ok, you are avoiding vegetable oil and you are getting much clearer skin. What next?

Step 2: You need to start getting a lot more high quality nutrients into your body.

Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are essential to clear skin, and as an acne sufferer you are deficient in these nutrients. Modern food is commonly depleted in nutrients, which is the main cause of the deficiency… To solve this deficiency simply eat whole foods and vegetables on a daily basis, whilst taking quality supplements also helps. Although there isn’t any one nutrient that will cure acne (such as zinc), getting a broad range of nutrients from your diet with some whole foods and plenty of vegetables is vital to clearing your skin. By simply addressing your nutritional intake you will clear up the majority of your acne.

Step 3: The last simple step to killing your acne is to check if you have candida.

One instant way to check is by looking for a white coating on your tongue. If you have this then you surely have candida. Now candida isn’t the easiest thing to get rid of. If you have candida (which causes acne by the way) you need to significantly cut out sugar from your diet until you get rid of it. You should also take a pro-biotic supplement and eat lots of vegetables. These are the basic steps that should be adequate to killing candida, but more advanced methods do exist if you need them. This include using of acne skin distortion formulation products, and seeking medical assistance for severe cases.

The three steps — avoiding vegetable oil, getting abundant nutrition and killing candida — are some of the secrets to curing acne that have an immediate effect!